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Three ways to boost your energy trading

Newsletter 2, January 2019: E-world special edition

With E-world energy & water 2019 just around the corner, we have plenty of new developments and future plans to keep your energy trading competitive and future-proof.



Visit us in Hall 1, Stand 307 and see for yourself. Our booth is well-visited, and personal meetings with our experts are possible by appointment only:


The first Automated Trading Platform

In short-term energy trading, every millisecond counts to achieve the best trading results. Trading automation will soon become necessary to stay competitive on these markets. Recognising this, VisoTech is the first company to focus completely on a new breed of software that fully automates short-term trading of power and gas as well as the most critical upstream and downstream processes. The Periotheus Automated Trading Platform provides:

autoTRADER: Intelligent and fully automated order placement, nursing and execution using proven trading algorithms for position closing, flexibility marketing, storage optimisation and more.

Scheduling & Balancing: Fully automated balancing and communication with the TSO and other market participants, to ensure that the agreed upon power is delivered according to plan.

Asset Management: High-performance management of time series and other data, optimised for management of data related to the market / price curves, weather, contracts, gas storage, power plants, trading and more.

Spot trading algos with integrated weather model

Weather is the decisive factor in the amount of renewable energy generated. However, almost all energy companies use the same weather forecast; so when it is wrong, they all tend to make more or less the same wrong predictions about generation and thus pricing. A more accurate weather model could give a company a significant advantage over other companies trading on short-term markets.

Our partner Energy Weather has developed exactly that. Its Renewable Analogy Model delivers more accurate predictions earlier than the standard weather forecast. Integration of their online data service into our trading algorithms ensures seamless communication, giving you the speed and intelligence needed to succeed.

AI and the unbeatable bot

Up to now, algorithmic trading has relied on rules-based algorithms defined by people with deep knowledge of energy trading. However, energy markets are influenced by an enormous range of factors with complex interrelationships. The human capacity to process such data is limited.

The newer forms of artificial intelligence, on the other hand, excel at processing huge volumes of complex data. AI has already surpassed human performance at many tasks once thought beyond the reach of computers. AI-based trading algorithms will be able to analyse data related to energy trading, in order to learn how the market behaves. From this they will be able to predict and carry out the most successful trading behaviours. We are in the process of developing on this technology, so that we can give our customers the unbeatable trading bot.



The Periotheus community grows

We’re happy to greet more new customers: Dutch energy giant Eneco – an innovative leader in sustainable energy; and EnBW – Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, one of the largest energy suppliers in Germany and Europe. Welcome to the VisoTech family!


VisoTech stand at E-world 2018


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EnBW relies on autoTRADER from VisoTech

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VisoTech at E-world 2019: from Weather to Trading Strategy

VisoTech at E-world 2019: from Weather to Trading Strategy

Meet with us at E-world and learn how Day Ahead weather analogies with rapid algorithmic execution can revolutionise short-term trading


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