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periotheus suite -  autoTRADER Verpackung


automated power and gas spot trading on EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, BSP South Pool and PEGAS


  • Fully automated intraday power and gas trading
  • Order nursing
  • Multi-exchange trading
  • Internal market/multi-portfolio trading
  • Integrated limit management for each portfolio
  • Visualisation of market data
  • Provides versatile applications
  • Default algorithms & algo-trading developer tools
  • Import/export interfaces & API


  • Fully automated intraday power & gas trading incl. order nursing

    Enables a fully automated intraday power & gas trading on European exchanges and complete automation of short-term trading

  • Multi-exchange trading

    Offers the option of parallel trading via several exchanges. If one exchange suffers a failure, trading is automatically continued on the other exchange

  • Internal market/multi-portfolio trading

    Allows several portfolios to be traded with just one exchange access. Cross trades are reliably prevented on EPEX Spot, whilst zone-internal trades are only allowed on Nord Pool Spot.

  • Consideration of exchange restrictions

    Adheres to all documented restrictions from both connected exchanges like the order-to-trade ratio (OTR) on the EPEX SPOT

  • Integrated limit management for each portfolio

    Offers maximum protection from extreme price settings, errors in determining or transferring load profiles or errors in self-developed algorithms

  • Visualisation of market data

    Allows you to display price trends, the VWAP, last price and high and low of all products in graphical or tabular form

  • Provides versatile applications

    Offers versatile applications, from closing positions to commercialising power stations and flexibilities

  • Default algorithms & algo-trading developer tools

    Offers great flexibility with its default algorithms & tools for developing and testing individual trading algorithms

  • Import/export interfaces & API

    Contains all interfaces necessary to be incorporated into existing system environments and to carry out fully automated trading autonomously

The Periotheus autoTRADER

The autoTRADER is a powerful trading system for fully automated intraday power and gas trading on European exchanges. It has been tested in practice and displays its strength both in supporting manual trading as well as in fully automated operation. This allows trading to be optimised and the available resources to be used significantly more efficiently, enabling energy companies to react quickly to fluctuations in production or demand.

Power station complexes or energy storage systems can be marketed optimally on energy exchanges such as EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, BSP South Pool or PEGAS, or open customer positions can be covered as efficiently as possible, according to your specifications.

The future of intraday power trading

The close link with dynamic renewable energies has direct impacts on the intraday market. Studies show that its volatility is around 200 times higher than that of financial markets. As a consequence, trade on the intraday market is becoming ever faster and more demanding. It has become almost impossible to keep to risk limits efficiently, without the help of additional tools. By automating segments of trading, the autoTRADER keeps pace with the growing complexity of the market.

The autoTRADER takes all important influencing factors into account (production, weather, consumption, physical limitations such as load ramps for power plants, limits, etc.). A wide selection of pre-prepared strategy packages is available with pre-defined strategies and settings for all typical use cases. Additionally, the autoTRADER gives you the ability to develop your own customised strategies.


Competitive advantages through automated trading

Trade with the autoTRADER even outside of your regular business hours, or help your traders to achieve even better prices. Depending on the customer requirements, the system can operate fully automatically on the market based on the specified strategies and trading limits, without being reliant on interactions from system users.

Integrated limit management prevents transactions at extreme price settings or quantity fluctuations. In the case of unexpected market developments or other events, the system can, if required, be stopped automatically and users can be notified by email or SMS.

Unique selling propositions of the autoTRADER

The autoTRADER clearly distinguishes itself from other (partially) automated trading solutions on the market. One example is its versatile applications, from closing positions to commercialising power stations and flexibilities. Furthermore, the autoTRADER offers individual scalability according to customer requirements – from trading a single portfolio to integrated algo-trading development tools.

As the autoTRADER is part of the Periotheus Platform, it is possible to expand it with additional functional areas of the platform like schedule-, portfolio- or power plant management.

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