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Periotheus basic functions

General Features and Functionalities

The Periotheus Platform consists of a number of different functional areas that cover various tasks and steps from the value chain process in the energy industry. At the same time it has a number of default functionalities and features across all functional areas, which make working with Periotheus much easier and together contribute significantly to making the Periotheus Platform so unique.

On the one hand this includes functionalities that most users come directly into contact with within their work and that they directly benefit from, for example reporting. However, it also includes functionalities that generally stay hidden from most users, but make a crucial contribution to Periotheus standing the test of use with our customers, such as scalability and great compatibility regarding the system integration.

One application – many functional areas

Periotheus Platform is an application that combines a multitude of various functional areas in one. Therefore it does not require any internal interfaces – all functional areas can access the data stored in the system. Additionally, all functional areas follow the same usage concept and are operated via the same user interface. This makes training new employees and accustoming them to new functional areas easier and quicker. If additional functional areas are licensed, they do not require a lengthy installation, but are simply activated by VisoTech. Our customers value the flexibility this brings. The extremely short “time to market” also makes it possible to react at short notice to changing commercial conditions or market developments.

Time series management

Time series data is ubiquitous in the context of the energy sector. Periotheus possesses a set of powerful tools for editing and presenting time series data in any unit, aggregation and configuration. Evaluate your data statistically or use formulas to edit individual values or complete time series. In the time series editor you can compile views from any time series and subsequently evaluate them or with the help of the chart view, visualise them. You can move the time series data into or out of the system using, amongst other things, copy and paste. It is likewise possible to fill time series automatically using imported data. The ad-hoc report allows you, with just one click, to export time series (views) to Excel and continue to use them there.

System integration

The Periotheus Platform integrates very well into existing system environments thanks to the countless existing interfaces and the simple expandability. Over the years the number of innately supported interfaces has grown consistently. Even new interfaces can be implemented quickly and efficiently thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of linking new systems. As a result Periotheus is used by some of our customers as a primary, central communication and data hub.

Graphical evaluation & reporting

In addition to the administration of all relevant data, its visualisation and evaluation, in particular, naturally also play an important role. Time series data can be visualised at any time in clear chart views. At the same time the data can be directly edited in the graphical view. All important parameters and inputs, right up to the colour of the charts, can be configured by the user in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, the Periotheus Platform gives its users a wide range of resources that can significantly simplify and automate data evaluation. Entities administered in the system, for example concluded transactions, can be sorted according to suitable filter criteria and the desired information can be displayed. Subsequently, Excel reports, so-called ad-hoc reports, can be generated with just one click based on this filtered data. You can create complex reports for more detailed evaluation in Periotheus’ report module with a few clicks. Stored Excel templates can also be filled by the system. This allows you the possibility of letting the system generate elaborate reports with charts, calculations and macros. The reports can be updated by Periotheus on demand at freely configurable times and can be sent in various formats.

Audit compliant

In order to fulfil all legal requirements and to support you in optimising your internal processes, the Periotheus Platform is naturally audit compliant. All changes made in the system are recorded so at any time you can follow who has made what changes and when. Of course, Periotheus also has a number of functions to protect users from making accidental changes to the data, such as approval rights, which highlight in colour which data fields have been changed. The system additionally supports the use of the four eyes principle for the approval of transactions or invoices in the system. Using the concept of optimistic locking, parallel access to the same data sets for multiple users is enabled without conflicts and avoiding inconsistencies.

Redundancy concept

Periotheus was designed from the ground up for high availability scenarios and is therefore designed for operation as an emergency system. Periotheus supports both virtualisations and physical emergency systems. The Periotheus emergency system offers ideal protection from unexpected hardware failures by replicating the complete database on a secondary server.

Standard product

The Periotheus Platform was designed from the beginning as a standard product. Thanks to the large resultant user base, the application can be easily maintained and expanded. Our customers benefit from the fact that the Periotheus Platform is constantly developed and improved – we regularly provide you with function improvements in the form of new releases. Additionally, because Periotheus is a standard product, the licensed range of functions can be expanded at any time problem-free. You are using Schedule Management and would like to use functions from Risk Management in the future? We will enable the respective functions for you immediately and you can configure and test them within a few days.

Expandable with processes

Even though the Periotheus Platform at its core is a standard product, there are of course a multitude of possibilities to completely tailor the system to your company’s specific requirements, business cases and system architecture features. These occur amongst other things with the help of the integrated development environment of Periotheus. Here you can change the system in an instant to include various functions or automate processes. Periotheus supports you using an intuitive interface. Using a variety of pre-defined actions you can create processes, for example to connect to FTP servers at determined intervals and retrieve data, without complication via drag and drop. Even more complex functions can be added by using Python code.

Extensive user & rights concept

Elaborate and flexible user and rights management is essential for the continuously successful implementation of software such as Periotheus. Using the well-engineered rights concept you can define exactly which user (groups) can view or edit which information. This way every user sees exactly the information which they need. At the same time, Periotheus also has the necessary flexibility to allow additional information to be selectively approved for other users. Based on the multi-client capability, it is possible to administer front and back offices or even whole departments completely separately in the system.

Intuitive user interface & usage concept

The Periotheus Platform has a homogenous user interface and usage concept. The operation of all functions therefore follows the same logic – all activities happen in one program. The user interface is oriented towards the requirements of energy companies and the resultant operating sequences. In order to ensure this, it was developed and constantly improved in close collaboration with our customers.

Scalable to all company sizes

The Periotheus Platform meets the demands of companies of all sizes thanks to its great flexibility. Smaller start-ups as well as companies operating on a global scale use the Periotheus Platform. This is made possible thanks to both the great flexibility of our software and the staggered licence model. This is oriented towards the quantity structure of the data being reproduced in the system and it additionally allows individual functions to be licensed and approved selectively. The system can be expanded accordingly to include further functionalities as needed. Periotheus therefore grows continuously together with your company and the increasing number of requirements and use cases.


One of the great strengths of the Periotheus Platform is the ability to automate a multitude of tasks in the system. The user therefore has the choice of which functions to automate and to what extent. The system can be configured in such a way that it, for example, notifies selected users by email or SMS of a mismatch or other unexpected event.

Search & filter functions

In Periotheus you can carry out a variety of queries on all data stored in the system. The queries can make use of custom filters, in order to refine the search results. The search system also allows a search or filter with classification and hierarchies. User-defined queries and filters can be saved and marked as favorites for quick access or used as standard queries.

Language support

Periotheus is completely multilingual and is delivered with German and English. This includes all text in the user interface, all messages and information. With the help of translation files the system can easily be expanded to support additional languages.

Error handling

All events, including errors, are captured in a central event log. The error log entries include all information needed for analysis. The log can be filtered according to user-defined criteria, in order to show only the events relevant to the current application. Such filters can be saved as favorites and are then available to users for later use. If desired the system can send automatic notifications via email or SMS text message when specified events occur.

In order to reproduce and resolve errors efficiently, in addition to the error message the system stores a stack trace along with the relevant input and output data.


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