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"Fully automated" means automated execution, from partitioning an open position and trading on an exchange, to scheduling and managing assets, without manual input.

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Logo Periotheus

icon-check Reliable


Our software has proven its high reliability for an increasing number of customers. It is designed for 24-hour operation and therefore has a sophisticated redundancy in place for emergency situations. In addition we offer a 24-hour support hotline where you can reach a trained contact person at any time.

icon-performant Automatable


Periotheus has been designed with a high degree of flexibility in mind, ranging from manual operation up to full automation. In addition the Periotheus Suite provides a wide range of toolsets that help to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and streamline your daily workflow.

icon-user-friendly User-friendly


In cooperation with customers we have developed an intuitive user interface that assists the user in operating our software. Therefore all modules of the Periotheus Suite share the same look and feel, which allows quick and easy familiarization with new functions.

icon-connectiv Connectivity


Periotheus already provides standard interfaces for all common systems and services straight out of the box. In addition we are able to implement and maintain new and customer-specific interfaces and guarantee lifetime support.

icon-feature Customisable


The integrated development environment supports customers in developing new functionalities by themselves. This is simplified by intuitive drag-and-drop based tools. There are virtually no limits to the system’s customising capabilities.

icon-intelligent Intelligent


Our company has specialised in software solutions for the energy market since 2003. Over the years our employees have built up extensive knowledge of the energy market, which helps us to optimize the Periotheus Suite even further. VisoTech manages projects with an extraordinarily high rate of satisfaction amongst our customers, both on time and on budget.

Time icon


Periotheus makes your working life easier by simplifying and automating repetitive and redundant workflows.

Facts icon


The most important facts about Periotheus at a glance.

Periotheus Platform

One product platform, many functional areas and applications


Automated intraday trading on EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, PEGAS and more


Schedule & Balancing Group Management

Complete reporting system for the energy sector


Power Plant Management

Structured depiction of power stations


We will also gladly show you our solution in person or via a web demo

Case Study – OMV

Schedule Management Implementation

VisoTech was the only provider that could inherently cover the complex requirements of the market with its schedule management solution, as well as flexibly cater to our own requests. The excellent climate of trust and cooperation must in particular be emphasised.

Franca Heinrici
Head of Logistics
OMV Trading GmbH

The Challenge

In 2009 OMV made the decision to restructure their energy trade in order to orient the department more towards integrated gas and power trading. A fundamental requirement was a software solution that could cover schedule management against the background of the new central business model of “asset-backed trading“.

VisoTech‘s Solution

As the Austrian market leader in scheduling systems, and having completed reference projects of a comparable scale and similar complexity, VisoTech emerged as a promising partner for the project implementation from the beginning. Periotheus is distinguished in particular by the countless markets and formats that are inherently supported. The ability to easily expand the system to include additional markets and a modular construction were significant for the subsequent decision.

The Result

By using the Periotheus Schedule Management it was possible to clearly present the structure of the cross-market and transnational commodity trade within the system, despite its complexity and the multitude of parameters. The implementation of schedule management, as well as the gradual expansion to include further markets, was successfully executed in the planned time frame and in compliance with the planned costs.

Particular attention should be brought to the flexibility of Periotheus, which allowed the successful deployment of changes and updates inevitable for a project of this magnitude and complexity. Since its implementation in 2009, VisoTech‘s schedule management system has constantly expanded together with increasing trading volume and the increased demands from OMV. This not only covers the number of transactions processed in the system, but also additional functions and performance features that have ensured that, since the system‘s launch, it can keep pace with business development and expansion and still constitutes an up-to-date and reliable tool.


Case Study – OMV

Schedule Management Implementation

The joint project with the OMV was predestined to demonstrate the flexibility of Periotheus. We
are pleased that we could use the opportunity to contribute our knowledge of the energy industry.

Jürgen Mayerhofer
Managing Director


OMV Aktiengesellschaft is one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. As an international and integrated oil and gas company it is now active in around 30 countries worldwide and has a workforce of around 25,500 employees. In addition to the exploration and production of oil and gas, the company also markets its products and makes a substantial contribution to the energy supply for Austria and its core markets with around 200 million customers in Central Europe, South-Eastern Europe and Turkey. OMV’s integrated Gas and Power (G&P) business operates across the entire gas value chain. The gas supply portfolio consists of equity gas and is complemented by contracted volumes. Through a 2000 km gas pipeline network as well as in-house gas storage facilities with a capacity of 2.7 bcm, the gas is brought to the market and sold via direct sales channels.


  • active in about 30 countries worldwide
  • about 200 million customers in Central Europe, South East Europe and Turkey
  • integrated and international oil and gas company – explores, refines and markets oil and natural gas
  • 2014 the daily production rate was about 309,000 boe/d
  • operates three refineries and about 4,100 gas stations in 11 countries
  • Sales: 36 billion Euros | 25,500 employees | EBIT: 1 billion Euros

Case Study – VERBUND

Production Data Management System


In 2014 VERBUND made the decision to replace the existing main dispatcher information system. The requirements for this new software solution were extremely complex. A series of existing systems had to be replaced and several existing external systems had to be integrated.

VisoTech‘s Solution

On account of the longstanding positive cooperation with VERBUND AG, VisoTech was an auspicious partner for the implementation of the project. In order to accommodate the special requirements for a production data management system, an expansion of the Periotheus Suite was specified and subsequently implemented within the framework of a development cooperation.


As a result of the development cooperation between VERBUND and VisoTech, a new function was added to the Periotheus Suite – Power Plant Management. Based on this standardised solution, VERBUND could cover all of the extensive requirements of the production data management system, which succeeded in replacing several existing systems and applications and integrating Periotheus into the existing system environment.

Using Periotheus Power Plant Management, the system displayed the management of production data from power plants in a clear structure and in all their complexity with their wide range of influencing factors. The joint specification of power station management, as well as the subsequent gradual implementation and integration, was successfully carried out within the planned time frame and in compliance with the planned costs.

Taking into account the requirements and using our experience, VisoTech has managed to expand the software solution to include power station management, which has actually exceeded our expectations. In particular the good usability and flexible connectivity with other systems should be emphasized.

Dr. Klaus Hebenstreit
Resource Planning, Dispatching & Scheduling

Case Study – VERBUND

Production Data Management System


VERBUND is Austria‘s leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of hydroelectric power in Europe. More than ninety percent of its electricity is generated from hydroelectric power. VERBUND has a market share of around 7 percent in the small consumer segment, whilst the company is the leader in the industrial sector with roughly 20 percent. VERBUND trades in power in 12 countries and in 2014 achieved a yearly turnover of 2.8 billion Euros with around 3,000 employees. Including its subsidiary companies and partners, VERBUND is active in industries from electricity generation, through transport, to international trading and sales.

In 2013, with approximately 3,000 employees, VERBUND achieved an annual turnover of 3.2 billion Euros, as well as a group result of 580 million Euros. VERBUND was founded in 1947 and has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988; 51 % of the company’s shares are owned by the Republic of Austria. By 2018, VERBUND plans to invest 1.5 billion Euros in wind farms, grids and efficiency improvement of existing hydroelectric power plants.


  • Austria’s leading electricity company
  • One of the largest producers of hydroelectric power in Europe
  • More than four fifths of its electricity is produced by hydroelectric power, supplemented by thermal and wind power
  • VERBUND power plants cover 40% of annual electricity consumption iin Austria
  • Trades electricity in 12 countries
  • Turnover: 3.2 billion Euros | 3,000 employees | EBIT: 580 million Euros

Thanks to positive cooperation, we could perfectly reproduce the complex requirements from VERBUND within the development of Periotheus. With this project we once again managed to prove the great flexibility of Periotheus.

Jürgen Mayerhofer
Managing Director


The company
VisoTech Logo


Trayport VisoTech is a leading provider of European short-term energy trading solutions and was acquired by Trayport Limited in 2019. With the autoTRADER, VisoTech provides fully automated power and gas spot trading. The VisoTech Automated Trading Platform offers a fully integrated short-term energy trading solution with best-in-class trading algorithms, asset management, scheduling & balancing and more. Optimised for the energy trading of the future, it supports 24×7 autonomous trading on European power and gas exchanges such as PEGAS, EPEX SPOT and Nord Pool, as well as over-the-counter via Trayport. Industry giants such as EnBW, Ørsted, STEAG, Iberdrola, VERBUND, Rosneft, OMV and more rely on VisoTech’s solutions. Trayport Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group Limited (TMX Group).


We have a clear goal in mind: as a pioneering company with unique software solutions, we succeed in continually inspiring both our customers and our employees. The values anchored in our company philosophy are the foundation for lasting relationships with our partners and employees.


  • Through our research and development, we produce software that meets the needs of the energy industry, with the goal of increasing efficiency and enabling new paths into the future of affordable and ecological energy supply. We inspire our employees by offering a working environment that enriches their lives, using procedures that strike a good balance between freedom and structure, and by providing opportunities for personal as well as professional development, making them the best in their respective fields.

Our partners

VisoTech attaches great importance to well-functioning local partnerships. Together we can create and increase the value added for our customers.


Our partner decisionTrees

Decision Trees GmbH (DTrees) is a professional consultancy and software house that focuses on the introduction of next-generation stochastic optimisation methods in the energy industry.


Our partner Energy Opticon

Energy Opticon is an IT company that provides the software Energy Optima 3 and know-how for energy companies that want to reduce their production costs, increase the efficiency and decision-safety in their work and reduce their emissions.


Our partner Energy Weather

Energy Weather combines meteorology, market knowledge and IT to act as an interface between weather and trader. Our products stand for reliability and customer satisfaction.


Our partner IP Systems

IP Systems is an IT consultant, developer and solution integrator specialised in the liberalised energy markets, offering custom and standard solutions for system operators & traders.



With over 30 years of experience, PSI Energy Markets is a leading provider of standard energy industry software for energy trading and sales, portfolio management and energy optimisation.


Our partner The Advisory House

The Advisory House is a leading management consulting firm for the European energy market, which for the third time in a row has been named “Hidden Champion of the Energy Consulting Market”.

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Our logo and other images and photos can be downloaded in print quality (300 dpi).

Careers at VisoTech

VisoTech places great importance on creating a working environment where everyone feels comfortable and motivated to excel at their daily tasks. Every employee is important and contributes significantly to the overall success. Together as a team we create innovative solutions for our customers – and recognise and encourage each other’s strengths.

As our company grows, we are always on the lookout for new, talented employees to strengthen our team. More information about VisoTech as an employer and our current vacancies can be found here.


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